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School Nutrition Programs & Workshops

School Nutrition Programs & Workshops

“Investing in early childhood nutrition is a surefire strategy. The returns are incredibly high”

Also it is a well-known fact that educated people are better able to respond to health needs and can contribute better to the society but of course roots are strengthened right at school.

We are what we eat. Research indicates that healthy children:

  • Have better cognitive development
  • Have higher daily school attendance
  • Higher academic excellence
  • Maintain social relationships and interactions at school and home
  • Leads to holistic development


  • To create awareness among children about the importance of food and nutrition
  • To inculcate right knowledge to forthcoming generation
  • To pursue a healthy life, now and in future
  • To make children self-reliant, develop positive self-esteem and self-assertiveness
  • To train teachers and team on topics related to food and nutrition
  • To train food handlers (Mid-day meals / Canteens) for maintaining good hygiene and sanitation practices
  • To reinforce involvement of parents and conditioning practices and conditions at home , also to benefit from pool of information accumulated from school
  • Active involvement in school activities and community health projects

Some examples of topics to be covered in workshops are quoted below. Please note that a vast number of topics would be covered as per requirement of school.

  • Importance of Food and Nutrition for Kids (Various age groups)
  • Important sources of Food of various nutrients
  • Nutrition Education for teachers
  • Tiffin Planning
  • Food Safety, Hygiene & Sanitation training for Canteen Staff & Management
  • Handling Picking eaters, an exclusive for parents