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Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services

We believe in lifestyle modifications and our advice is based on the same. We assure the best services in the industry and we ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Weight Management (Weight Loss & Weight Gain)

We at Diet Perfact just want you to have a strong will power, a goal and a weighing scale at home. Rest is on us. We follow the right principle for weight management; we balance the energy Intake and expenditure and plan the diet. We emphasize on “Balance, Moderation and Variety” which aids the metabolic processes in body. We summon up to be creative with our clients and don’t let them feel bored up. We have been delivering the best results in the industry and urge everyone to experience it for knowing about the services.

Management of Diabetes Melitus

Do you know that approximately 463 million adults (20-79 years) were living with diabetes in 2019; by 2045 this will rise to 700 million. A large population is suffering from Type 2 Diabetes; and we can prevent the complications caused due to the disease by following a proper diet and a good lifestyle. Prevention is always better than cure. We are specialized in the field and can give you accurate advice based on the same.

Diet for Healthy Heart

As per WHO, Cardiovascular diseases can be largely prevented by addressing behavioral risk factors such as tobacco use, unhealthy diet and obesity, physical inactivity and harmful use of alcohol. We are here to address to your diet related queries in relation to CVD’s. So “give your heart a head start and join us for the best advice in the industry”.

Diet for Kidney Disorders

Kidney diseases attack the nephrons; it may leave kidneys unable to remove waste products from the body. There can be many reasons for the problem including genetics, injuries and medicines. Right diet and adequate changes in habits can lead to control the disease and attaining a healthy body.

Diet for Liver Disorders

Liver is the organ responsible for digestion and removing the toxins from the body. Liver diseases can be caused due to infection, immunity system abnormality, genetics, cancer and other growths. Keeping the food right, abstaining from alcohol and maintaining a healthy weight can cure liver problems. We here at Diet Perfact structure the diet as per needs of the body and assist you in improvement in health status.

Diet for PCOD

Polycystic Ovarian Disease is a condition where ovaries tend to release a lot of immature eggs which turn into cyst. Abdominal weight gain, irregular periods, infertility, differed hair growth patterns are some of its symptoms. It is well known that right food works as a medicine. PCOD can be very well managed by adequate diet and weight loss can be achieved in case of females which help in easing issues like fertility and other associated complications.

Diet for Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism results when the thyroid gland fails to produce enough hormones which can be caused because of many reasons. A combination of right nutrients and medication can help restore thyroid function and minimize the symptoms.

Diet during Pregnancy & Lactation

Pregnancy and Lactation are two important phases in a women’s life. We know the importance of this phase as one eats for two when she is pregnant and then a young infant is totally dependent on you when you are lactating. Importance of adequate weight gain in pregnancy and role of specific nutrients is very well established. Diet Perfact can be a perfect mentor during this period.

Pre & Post Workout Consultations

Body is a complex machine and what we are feeding it acts as a fuel to the body. When we indulge in Physical activities, we shall know the right food which should be consumed before working out and post workout to regain strength. Every machine needs the right fuel to initiate so is your body and it needs the adequate food for maintenance and refueling. We at Diet Perfact would be happy to help in providing you with proper guidance regarding the Pre and Post Work diet.

For Healthy Skin & Hair

Hair is mostly proteins and diet has an immediate effect on your skin. Eating right leads to a skin that is bright and hairs that are strong. Even the nails are very much affected by the diet you eat. You need the right guidance and an expert who can suggest you about the right food which affects your hair, skin and nails. We at Diet Perfact indulge in intensive research and tell you about the adequate food range to keep your skin and hairs healthy.

Immunity Development

Diet lacking in important nutrients, excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking and stress can have direct effects on the immune system on the body. Eating a good quality diet can combat the immune deficiency lead problems, and right knowledge about the right food sources which deliver right nutrients can be achieved with right guidance. Diet Perfact is there for your forever assistance and can guide you basis scientific researches and enhance the functioning of immune system of body.

Diet for Kids

Dealing with a picky eater? No one can suggest the hacks better than us. We are specialized in Pediatric Nutrition and make your kids eat right. You have to enroll with us for experiencing it.

Other Therapeutic Issues

We also provide consultations on other therapeutic disorders and feel free to contact us on any of your diet related query.